baby covered in vomit rescued by cops


Vomit Covered Baby Rescued By Awesome Cops

26 Aug , 2016  

A sweet 1-year-old boy has been rescued from his drunk mother by police in West Virginia on Tuesday night.

The baby boy was found in the backseat of his mother’s vehicle after she was charged with a DUI. The bub was covered in vomit and immediately taken to the police station to be given a bath in the sink and some much needed love and attention.

The boy was then wrapped up in a towel and taken care of by officers until Child Protective Services arrived.

baby covered in vomit rescued by cops

“He was the best little baby. He had just started to nod off when Child Protective Services arrived”, said Trooper B.R. Wood, with the Princeton detachment.


Officers even managed to find a teddy to keep the boy company.


The baby has since been placed with a legal guardian and is safely being monitored by Child Protective Services.

Good on you boys in blue!