Men with cats


Viral “Men with Cats” celebrates the bond between man and his best feline friend

28 Jan , 2016  

After countless depictions of the “Cat Lady,” David Williams decided it was time to appreciate the cat-owning men of the world and their furry best friends.

Photographer David Williams captures men from all walk of life with one thing in common, they love their cats. 

What started out in 2009 as a photography project, “Men with Cats” has now grown to have a book and successful tumblr encouraging users to submit photos.

Furthermore “Men with Cats” encourages readers to adopt or rescue cats and to reassess gender and personality stereotypes.

Check out these insightful posts below from “Men with Cats” tumblr.


Men with Cats

“Most people that live in the mountains have dogs. It’s part of the ‘mountain man’ attitude, I guess. I’ve just always loved cats. I grew up with them.” – Brent with Sammy

Men with cats

“Cats are zen. Living in Mexico City and sharing this space with 20-million-plus people is pretty hectic. The best part of my day is coming home and closing the door and finding my six cats at home. Best stress relief.” – Paul with Cuauhtemoc and Mateo

Men with cats

“I consider myself a cat person because I’m away at work most of the day and when I come home Diablo brings his energy to pep me up a bit.” – Simon with Diablo

men with cats

”Now that my wife and I have two kids, it’s been hard to give our first born – Freya – as much love and attention as we used to give her. Each evening, when we’re finally done putting the kids to bed, it’s natural to want some time to ourselves. Yet, that’s when Freya spots her opportunity and comes looking for love. Of course, she usually wins” – Alex with Freya


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