Kid has the cutest reaction to losing his goggles

26 Nov , 2016   Video

kid has funniest reaction to losing his goggles

Watch this hilarious interaction between mother and son, as this young boy is looking for his “missing” goggles.


Savage Dog Hilariously Reacts To Owner’s Question

23 Nov , 2016   Video

dog vomits after owner questions it

This puppy throws up when asked a question about it’s owner’s intelligence.


A Cheeky Lab Steals A Hose And Hilariously Sprays It’s Owner

7 Aug , 2016   Video

dog steals hose and sprays owner

Watch as this black Labrador decided it’s had enough of bath time, getting sweet revenge on its owner.


A clever new way to sneak in alcohol at a festival

19 Jul , 2015  

Everyone knows how ridiculous alcohol prices can be at music festivals these days. It’s prompted people to go to the extremes to hide in their alcohol,