Golden Retriever tries desperately to befriend the family Cat

27 Sep , 2015   Video

Golden Retriever dog tries to play with a cat

This adorable golden retriever is trying in vain to play with the family cat but unfortunately for him, the cat was not interested at all. Poor doggy!


This cat is determined to stop the Metronome from ticking

22 Sep , 2015  

cat tries to stop ticking metronome

Snooky the cat always seems to get weirdly frightened by this ticking Metronome


This cat refuses to play with a Siberian Husky

29 Aug , 2015  

Cat refusing to play with Siberian Husky

This Siberian Husky desperately wants to play with its feline friend but unfortunately for the husky the cat wasn’t as keen to partake in a play date.


Squirrel gets adopted by a kitten family

24 Aug , 2015  

Squirrel gets raised by cats

Check out this adorable clip of a mama cat adopting a squirrel into her kitten family. Despite already having the responsibility of raising a large family of kittens


These dwarf cat siblings on Instagram are becoming an internet sensation

19 Aug , 2015  

Dwarf cats on instagram elfie & gimli

If you haven’t heard of Elfie & Gimli yet, we guarantee you will soon. As these two adorable dwarf cats are exploding fast on social media.


Five Persian kittens versus one toy bug

5 Aug , 2015   Video

Check out this adorable clip of these seven week old Persian kittens as they attempt to play with their new toy bug. It’s a cuteness overload!    


This cat thinks its a dog

19 Jul , 2015  

Here’s a cat for the dog-lovers out there. It’s clearly spent too much time around other dogs and now believes it is one.