Rescuers Save Injured Baby Rhino After Being Shot

5 Dec , 2016   Video

saving an injured baby rhino

The calf’s mother was poached a few days prior and it’s baby left behind badly injured. 


Abused Dog Gets Rescued And Ends Up Rescuing Owner

4 Dec , 2016  

piper before and after adoption

Piper the dog was adopted from a shelter after being abused by previous owners.


Goat Suffering From Anxiety Wears A Duck Costume To Calm Down

3 Dec , 2016  

goat suffering from anxiety only calms down in her duck costume

Rescue goat Polly finds relief from her anxiety through dressing in a child’s duck costume. 


Cat Rescued After Being Found Frozen To The Ground

2 Dec , 2016   Video

couple helps cat frozen in the ground

A fluffy cat found itself frozen into an ice puddle in the snow in Russia. 


Dog Traumatised By Abuse Is Caressed For The First Time

30 Nov , 2016   Video

traumatised dog is caressed for the first time

Watch this heartbreaking video of a traumatised pup who when shown love, completely transforms. 


Poor Lost Dog Watches Her Owners Adopt Another Dog

30 Nov , 2016   Video

zuzu family leaves escaped dog at shelter, adopts new pup

UPDATE: A rescue has agreed to take Zuzu and she will be leaving Downey on Friday, which is the first day that she is legally allowed to be adopted.


Watch this street dog’s incredible transformation after being rescued

28 Nov , 2016   Video

incredible transformation of street dog

Khaleesi was in a horrible condition when found including broken limbs and burns to her body. 


A rescued wombat named George is melting hearts on social media

26 Nov , 2016   Video

George the wombat rescued at the Australian Reptile Park

George the wombat was found at the tender age of just four months old, after his mother was hit by a car in the Hunter Region of New South Wales, Australia.


These two cats are the best of friends

10 Nov , 2016   Video

cats are best friends

Watch Max (Black) affectionately groom his best friend Piper (Tortoise Shell) in this adorable video.


This Baby Iguana and snake chase scene might be the most intense thing you’ll see this year!

8 Nov , 2016   Video

Planet earth baby iguana escapes a swarm of snakes david attenborough

BBC aired recently the first episode of the acclaimed 2nd series of the ‘Planet Earth’ documentary and boy did it live up to the hype.


The cutest baby Rhino playfully chasing around his keepers

6 Oct , 2016   Video

baby rhino playfully chases keepers at the San Diego Zoo

Check out this adorable clip of a baby rhino receiving a morning bottle feed at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park before venturing out of his nursery stall for some playful exercise with his keepers.


It’s a cuteness overload as this Koala Joey enjoys her first ever photoshoot

31 Aug , 2016   Video

imogen koala photoshoot at symbio wildlife park

Check out this 10 month old Koala Joey, Imogen as she plays in a baby basket in her first ever photo shoot at the Symbio Wildlife Park.