Therapeutic dogs help students study


Study Puppies Are Being Used To Soothe Stressed Students

16 Dec , 2016  

‘Therapuppies’ have been introduced at the University of Wisconsin to calm stressed students during finals. 

Miles, a golden retriever therapy dog has been soothing students in the library with pats, scratches and cuddles.

study dogs

“It is really relaxing,” said nursing student Awisi Obua. “I was a little down coming in here. I have to study. The dog made me feel better about the day.”

study dogs

“It gets your mind off everything,” said Andrea Eliason, a physical therapy major from River Falls. “Away from the craziness of finals.”


Twelve therapy dogs in total paid a visit to the university during finals to relieve stressed students.

study dogs

Students were overjoyed, even leaving class early to see the dogs.

Living so far away from home, I don’t get to see my dog,” said Criminal Justice major, Sophie Snyder. “It is a way to fill the void, and it is super relaxing.”


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