Ecstatic Guy Finds His Lost Dog At An Adoption Event

19 Dec , 2016   Video

A man has been reunited with his overjoyed dog after losing her when a gate was left open at the family home. 

The pup, Daisy was adopted by an animal shelter shortly after her escape.

After weeks of searching, Daisy’s family’s babysitter alerted the family after seeing Daisy’s picture on the animal care and protective services website.

Her owner rushed to the Mega Pet Adoption event to get her back.

Jennie Clutterbuck, a worker at the kennel, said having Daisy at the shelter was heartbreaking, as she always looked so sad. But when she looked over to Daisy at the adoption event, the dog was ecstatic.

“(I) thought, ‘Holy cow, she found someone she really likes.’ It turns out this is her Dad!!” she wrote on Facebook.

Aren’t reunions just the best.



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