Hero Army Veteran Shot 5 Times Trying to Stop the Oregon Shooter

2 Oct , 2015  

Chris Mintz, a 30 year old US Army Veteran has been hailed as a hero after he was shot five times as he tried to prevent 26-year-old gunman Christopher Harper-Mercer from entering a classroom to carry out his deadly shooting rampage.

According to Chris’ family, both his legs were fractured in the shooting, but luckily all five rounds missed his vital organs and he is expected to recover. The victim’s aunt told FOX 8 that he could have easily died from the gun shot wounds, and that if he wasn’t such a strong person he probably would have.

Mintz had earlier started his day by wishing his son a happy birthday on Facebook before heading to class at the Umpqua Community College in Oregon.

Chris Mintz hero of the oregon shooting

His cousin, Derek Bourgous described his actions as heroic, who was told that Chris charged at the shooter instead of standing by, stating,

‘There was no way he was going to stand around and watch something this horrific happen.”

Various sources quote Chris as being heard saying “It’s my son’s birthday today” as he lay wounded on the ground.

ambulances arrive

Multiple ambulances arrive on scene


Hannah Miles is reunited with her sister and father after the shooting

We recommend listening to President Obama’s stern and direct message to both Congress and the nation of America, as he describes today’s shootings and how it has become too “Routine”.



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