Golden Retriever Adorably Reunited With It’s Owner After 7 Months Apart

16 Aug , 2016   Video

Watch this sweet video of a golden retriever named Sandy enthusiastically welcoming home it’s owner, Maria after seven long months apart. 

Maria adopted Sandy near San Diego and raised him in California after splitting with her abusive husband. The two formed a special bond with the dog providing Maria comfort and support during a difficult time.

“I am forever in debt to Sandy because he gave me reason to get out of bed when I was in a really dark place”, Maria said.

Maria, who is originally from Scotland, was unfortunately forced to return home to her parents to escape her abusive ex-relationship and took the dog with her.

But she decided to return to the United States and felt it would be best if Sandy stayed with her parents in Scotland as she was unable to give him the home he deserved.

Maria was heartbroken to leave her canine friend behind but felt she was doing best by Sandy.

Seven months later and watch as these two are reunited upon Maria’s return to Scotland. Sandy takes one sniff of her handbag and can be seen excitedly searching the house for his beloved owner.

He finally finds her crouched behind a bed and his reaction is priceless. So sweet!



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