Courageous Locals Rescue A Woman And Her Dog From Floodwater With Seconds To Spare

15 Aug , 2016   Video

Remarkable footage has emerged of local men saving an elderly woman and her dog from dangerous flood water in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The woman can be seen trapped inside a sinking vehicle and uttering “Oh my god, I’m drowning” as the men reach her on a boat. The rescuers unsuccessfully try to smash a window, finally cutting and ripping open the canvas roof of the car. One of the men can be seen pulling her free as the car is completely swallowed underwater.

The woman, now free starts panicking about her dog still trapped inside the car. The man can be seen going underwater and searching for the animal but is unable to find it, telling the woman “Maybe she’s gone”.

The woman can be heard replying “No, she better not be”.

Finally, after taking a deep breath and diving back underwater, the man resurfaces with a small white fluffy pooch. Both the woman and dog appeared unhurt.

What absolute heroes!


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