Dad has the best reaction to receiving a pair of light up shoes

28 Sep , 2016   Video

Dad gets surprised with light up shoes

Watch as this dad has the greatest reaction to receiving a pair of light up shoes from his daughter for his birthday.


Demi Lovato Kills It As An Undercover Lyft Driver

2 Sep , 2016   Video

Undercover Lyft with Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has gone undercover as a Lyft driver and hilariously surprised her fans in Denver. 


Disabled Veteran’s inspirational visit to show young amputee that his own disability won’t hold him back

31 Aug , 2016  

disabled veteren helps young amputee

An uplifting moment between two amputees completing a training exercise has recently gone viral. 


Snapchat story captures a dog being pampered before the heartbreaking final goodbyes

27 Aug , 2016   Gallery

snapchat story captures an owner fare-welling her dog

A user on the image sharing community ‘Imgur’ has posted a Snapchat story that’s guaranteed to make any pet owner tear up.


Britney Spears Smashes Her Carpool Karaoke Debut

26 Aug , 2016   Video

Britney spears carpool karaoke with james corden

Oops..she’s done it again! Check out Britney Spears in James Corden’s latest episode of Carpool Karaoke.


Baby adorably reacts to a collision at a Skate park

18 May , 2016   Video

Baby Reacts to Skate Park crash

When this scooter rider and skateboarder both collided at the local skate park, this observant baby just couldn’t help himself as he adorably laughs at the crash.


After her wisdom teeth surgery, these brothers prank their sister into thinking she’s in a zombie apocalypse

12 Apr , 2016   Video

brothers pull a zombie apocalypse prank on their sister after wisdom teeth surgery

Watch as these brothers take sibling pranks to the next level by convincing their little sister that she was in a zombie apocalypse after her wisdom teeth surgery.


Margot Robbie shines in a brand spanking new Trailer for Suicide Squad

11 Apr , 2016   Video

margot robbie as harley quinn in suicide squad

Warner Bros. have dropped a brand new trailer for DC’s Suicide Squad and it has left superhero fans everywhere salivating.


Sia kills it in latest Carpool Karaoke segment with James Corden

19 Feb , 2016   Video

Sia Carpool Karaoke James Corden

Australian born singer/songwriter Sia has delivered a spectacular appearance in the popular James Corden “Carpool Karaoke” segment on his CBS show “The Late Late Show”.


Mother who donated Son’s Organs, Hears his heart beating again for the first time

6 Feb , 2016   Video

Mother Donated Son’s Organs After His Tragic Passing Now Hears Her Son’s Heartbeat Again

At only 7-months old Lucas Clark tragically passed away, his mother chose to donate her son’s organs to help save lives. 


Coldplay’s Chris Martin covers David Bowie in the latest “Carpool Karaoke”

4 Feb , 2016   Video

Chris Martin Carpool karaoke superbowl 50 with james corden

Just days from an appearance at the halftime show for Superbowl 50, Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin joined The Late Late Show’s host James Corden as they carpooled


Dad puts a GoPro on his son for an awesome game of hide and seek

4 Feb , 2016   Video

toddler plays hide and seek with a GoPro

One dad by the name of Dan Iverson has demonstrated a very cool new way of playing the age-old game of hide and seek, by attaching a GoPro on his toddler son as he went searching around the house.