Cutest little girl mistakes a broken water heater for a Robot

28 Mar , 2017   Video

Adorable little girl mistakes a broken water heater for a robot

In what might be the cutest video we’ve seen recently, watch as this adorable little girl approaches a broken water heater


Dog Faints From Excitement During A Reunion With His Owner

22 Dec , 2016   Video

Dog passes out from overwhelming joy |

After 2 long years apart, watch the moment Rebecca returns home to Pennsylvania and sees her dog Casey again.


Daughter Surprises Step Dad With Adoption Papers For His Birthday

7 Dec , 2016   Video

daughter surprises step dad with adoption papers

Jay has raised his partner’s daughter Celissa since she was two years old.


Goat Suffering From Anxiety Wears A Duck Costume To Calm Down

3 Dec , 2016  

goat suffering from anxiety only calms down in her duck costume

Rescue goat Polly finds relief from her anxiety through dressing in a child’s duck costume. 


A rescued wombat named George is melting hearts on social media

26 Nov , 2016   Video

George the wombat rescued at the Australian Reptile Park

George the wombat was found at the tender age of just four months old, after his mother was hit by a car in the Hunter Region of New South Wales, Australia.


Kid has the cutest reaction to losing his goggles

26 Nov , 2016   Video

kid has funniest reaction to losing his goggles

Watch this hilarious interaction between mother and son, as this young boy is looking for his “missing” goggles.


Baby steals mom’s phone and makes an adorable getaway

24 Nov , 2016   Video

baby steals mom's phone and makes an adorable getaway

This adorable baby certainly knew how to create a buzz online with this cute getaway clip soaring to the top of YouTube and Reddit.


Dad Explains To Son Why Dog Is Being Put Down In The Most Touching Way Ever

21 Nov , 2016   Video

My son says "Goodbye" to our dog at the vet

BaoBao the dog was sadly crippled after falling from a scooter ride and being run over by a vehicle. 


Shirtless dude starts an epic dance party

10 Nov , 2016   Video

Sasquatch music festival 2009 - Guy starts dance party

Remember that time that one guy started an entire dance party at a music festival? 


This Baby Iguana and snake chase scene might be the most intense thing you’ll see this year!

8 Nov , 2016   Video

Planet earth baby iguana escapes a swarm of snakes david attenborough

BBC aired recently the first episode of the acclaimed 2nd series of the ‘Planet Earth’ documentary and boy did it live up to the hype.


Step dad gets the ultimate birthday surprise from his step daughter

21 Oct , 2016   Video

step dad gets surprised with adoption papers from his step daughter

Watch this heartwarming moment when Jay Pages’ receives adoption papers from his step daughter so that she officially take his last name and join the family.


Dad builds an epic Ninja Warrior course for his young daughter

7 Oct , 2016   Video

Dad builds an awesome ninja warrior course for his young daughter

One dad has gone above and beyond as he put together this epic Ninja Warrior course for his young daughter.