Dog lends a hand in teaching his younger brother how to sit

7 Jun , 2017   Video

Dog teaches younger brother how to sit

Watch as Rufus gives a helping hand to his younger brother Jet, whilst he’s being taught how to sit.


Study Puppies Are Being Used To Soothe Stressed Students

16 Dec , 2016  

Therapeutic dogs help students study

‘Therapuppies’ have been introduced at the University of Wisconsin to calm stressed students during finals. 


This Tiger And Dog Are the most unlikeliest of best friends

7 Dec , 2016  

Watch as these two unlikely best friends are inseparable as they do everything together. 


Photographer Has An Amazing Encounter With The Cutest Baby Seal

24 Nov , 2016  

photographer spent 3 years trying to capture baby seal on ice

Alexey Trofimov spent 3 years trying to capture baby seals on ice, until he met this seal pup. 


Lucky Seal Escapes Killer Whales By Jumping On A Boat

24 Aug , 2016   Video

Orcas hunting seal jumps in boat

Watch as this sweet Seal narrowly avoids becoming an Orca’s next meal by jumping on board a boat full of people. 


Cyclist Avoids An Encounter With The Sweetest Family Of Skunks

19 Aug , 2016   Video

cyclist meets the cutest skunk family

A stopped cyclist has narrowly avoided a stinky encounter with a cute family of skunks whilst on a bike ride.


Brazil Open Tournament Uses Adorable Rescue Dogs As Ball Bearers

11 Aug , 2016   Video

abandoned dogs become ball boys in brazil tennis

Four sweet ex-street dogs can be seen making their debut as ball bearers at the Brazil Open Tournament in Sao Paulo, Brazil in this adorable video. 


This amazing canine in Israel is highly trained to prevent any threats

22 May , 2016   Video

Personal protection canine in israel stops knife attacks

Check out this video of a astonishing personal protection canine in Israel as it’s easily able to fend away even the most deadliest of knife threats.


Awesome dad sets up a memorable bike simulation experience for his daughter

18 Apr , 2016   Video

dad provides daughter with an awesome bike simulation

All this father needed was a television and some ingenuity to give his daughter an awesome makeshift virtual reality experience. 


Moldovan man stuns British talent show with death defying sword stunt

13 Apr , 2016   Video

Alexandr Magala sword act on Britain's got talent

Alexandr Magala certainly made an impression during his appearance on the British television talent show competition “Britain’s Got Talent”


This tiger reacts furiously after being woken up from a nap

12 Apr , 2016   Video

Dublin zoo tiger fight

A YouTube user by the name of “Ger Campbell” has uploaded an intense moment between two tigers after one tiger tried to wake the other one up from a nap.


This awesome Brusier Bear loves its daily pool time

6 Apr , 2016   Video

Brusier bear goes for a swim in a pool

Watch as this Brusier Bear is having the time of its life during its daily pool time. Despite its huge size, he can certainly get some distance with those jumps.