Sweet kitties play with Yoda in an awesome Stars Wars adventure

19 Aug , 2016   Video

cats play with a star wars yoda figurine

Watch as these adorable Kitties try and retrieve a toy holstered onto a Yoda figurine.


Aussie Man provides hilarious commentary for Gary the goat’s workout

12 Aug , 2016   Video

Gary the goat goes to boot camp on the way to Bamaga.

Check out this hilarious viral video of an Aussie man motivating his goat, Gary as he takes him on a run in North Queensland, Australia.


A Cheeky Lab Steals A Hose And Hilariously Sprays It’s Owner

7 Aug , 2016   Video

dog steals hose and sprays owner

Watch as this black Labrador decided it’s had enough of bath time, getting sweet revenge on its owner.


This clever German Shepherd fetches his brother on command

5 Aug , 2016   Video

german shepherd fetches brother on command

Most obedient dogs are able to fetch tennis balls and some other toys but watch as this clever German Shepherd goes a step above this, as he is able to fetch his brother in on command.


Baby adorably reacts to a collision at a Skate park

18 May , 2016   Video

Baby Reacts to Skate Park crash

When this scooter rider and skateboarder both collided at the local skate park, this observant baby just couldn’t help himself as he adorably laughs at the crash.


Margo and Mr Pepper the dachshund face off in a cute battle for the bed

18 Apr , 2016   Video

Min Pin and Dachshund fight for the bed

Watch as Margo and its much smaller competitor, Mr Pepper the daschund, face off in a adorable battle for the bed. 


These Airedale Terriers react hilariously whilst waiting in the car for their owner to return

13 Apr , 2016   Video

Impatient Airedale Terrier sounding the horn for their owner

After leaving the pizza shop, Melissa Tonkin spotted and eventually captured this hilarious clip of some impatient dogs sounding the horn for their owner. 


After her wisdom teeth surgery, these brothers prank their sister into thinking she’s in a zombie apocalypse

12 Apr , 2016   Video

brothers pull a zombie apocalypse prank on their sister after wisdom teeth surgery

Watch as these brothers take sibling pranks to the next level by convincing their little sister that she was in a zombie apocalypse after her wisdom teeth surgery.


Clever dog sprints to bed when he hears the TV turned off

10 Apr , 2016   Video

Luke the Poodle runs to bed after he hears TV turned off

Check out this awesome clip of a poodle named Luke who sprints right from its resting spot to bed every time it hears the television switched off.


Golden Retriever puppy adorably fails at climbing a skate ramp

6 Apr , 2016  

Golden Retriever Puppy Fails at climbing skate ramp

Whilst trying to reach its owners, this golden retriever just couldn’t make it to the top of the skate ramp.


This Pitbull, Chihuahua & Kitty have the cutest play fights

6 Apr , 2016   Video

Pitbull, Chihuahua and Cat in the cutest play fight

Watch as this Pitbull and over-excited little Chihuahua play fight and wrestle over a toy hippo. 


Golden Retriever plays dead so it won’t have to leave the park

29 Mar , 2016   Video

dog plays dead so it won't have to leave the park

This one golden retriever was certainly feeling lazy after a big day out in the park, as it pretended to play dead to avoid having to go home.