Jimmy Kimmel’s emotional response to the killing of Cecil the Lion

29 Jul , 2015  

Comedian and TV host Jimmy Kimmel was nearly reduced to tears on Tuesday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” after discussing the death of Cecil the Lion. 


Blind dog testing out its new bumper harness

25 Jul , 2015  

When this couple’s dog Buddy recently became blind due to cataracts, they decided to make their very own bumper harness so that he could easily move around the house without hurting himself.


Neighbor Finds Dog Chilling in his Pool

21 Jul , 2015  

As the Snapchat states; this neighbour sent his mate a picture after his dog escaped from the backyard.


This cat thinks its a dog

19 Jul , 2015  

Here’s a cat for the dog-lovers out there. It’s clearly spent too much time around other dogs and now believes it is one.


Two very Happy Dogs on a Corn Field

19 Jul , 2015  

When these two dogs got out for some much needed sunshine, they could hardly contain their excitement.