boy saves dog from burning home


Brave Teen Boy Saves Dog Trapped In Burning Home

8 Dec , 2016  

14 year old Mike Assi, had just boarded the school bus before noticing his house engulfed in flames. 

The quick thinking kid jumped back off the bus, ran back to the house and opened the front door. He soon realised he would not be able to get back into the house, due to excessive smoke.

“I start yelling for my dog’s name because I knew  he was in there. He wouldn’t come out the front door. There was a lot of pitch-black smoke,” Mike said. “I go through the backyard, I open the back door and I start yelling for him. He comes out through the backyard. He sat in the backyard… he wouldn’t move. We were too close to the house. I had to pick him up to bring out through the front yard.”

Both Mike and the dog were checked by medics and given the all clear.

What a brave young man!


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